Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Smokey Eyes - Purple n Black

This is a basic Smokey eyes look using only 3colours..
1. Black
2. Dark purple
3. Light purple

If you notice, i didn't use any highlighter..I feathered the light purple out until the eyebrow. Without any white/cream color there, it gives that dark mysterious look...

Then for the details, i use black mascara and black eyeliner just to deepen the black eyeshadow on the lid...

On the cheek, i apply a light pinkish colored blusher and top that with a bronzer to give the extra glow..You can also apply the bronzer along your nose to give a hint of slimmer nose..

I apply a nude lipstick because my eyes are already quite dramatic and I don't want to many things going on on my face. It'll look ridiculous..So I used nude lipstick to tone down the look.

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