Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smokey Eyes - Blue n Black

This is a very intense look using
2. Deep Blue
3. Blue
4. Cream (as highlighter)

As you can see, on the eye lid closest to the lash line, I applied the deep blue color..Sort of dark greenish+navy blue. In the inner corner of the lid, I applied black eyeshadow. On the crease I applied the normal blue color. Then take a soft dull brush and starts to blend the color in a windshield wiper motion. You can go slightly above your crease. Then wipe off that dull brush and take your highlighter, pressed it on the arch of your brows and gently starts to blend it, staying under the brows. We are done with the eyelids.For the lower lash lines, take your eyeliner pencil and draw on your waterline, all the way in. Make the same line slightly lower than your waterline. Then take a smudging brush and smudge the lines that we made with the eyeliner pencil earlier. Using the same smudging brush, take the deep blue color and apply it on the lines that we smudged . It'll make sure the deep blue eyeshadow stick to the lower lash lines.

For the details, apply gel eyeliner on the lid, stay closest to your lash line and apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. You can also apply false lashes if you want. It is totally optional.

As for the cheeks, i apply a peachy blusher and top it off with bronzer. I apply peach colored lipgloss. And we are good to go.

p/s: Leave me a comment should you need any other details or clarification.

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