Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Halloween Inspired Makeup - Witch

Last night I feel like challenging myself to do something extraordinary...So this is a witch look I'm looking at and then Shep came in to the picture..."Buat mulut jam corpse bride yg kene jahit tu" ..
Thats why the mouth looks funny...huhuhu...As always, i have limited resources..This look would totally rocks if we had some false eyelashes on, brow wax and it looks kind of ridiculous but who cares..I had fun and so are the audiences..We can't stop laughing all the way throughout the process...Hahaha....So this is my rendition of WitcH look by MissChievous

(Which looks more like HANTU)

p/s: Please don't mind the overacting supporting actress..N Thanx Wani..Huahahahaha


  1. kenapa hg kena post gambar yg ada muka aku. kenapa kenapa kenapa kenapa kenapa

  2. sme gmbr ade muke hg..ade ke yg xde?

  3. gambar wanek sorang kan ada....

  4. xde la..5 5 pics yg hg email kt aku sme ade muke hg

  5. xpelaa shep..hang teman aku..
    muka hang xmake up mmg dh mcm hantu..