Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Facts i've discovered (or i thought i did)

These are few things i've discovered about man...by my 4th/5th failure in relationship, i think i do get this picture quite clear....

1. Man is always man no matter how they talk,act,look etc..
- You can never change this no matter what you do...well, atleast i think so...example, can you stop those eyes wandering from one tit to another or one hump to another?
(but this doesn't necessarily mean he's cheating/gonna cheat on you...but quite a number does..my exes does..)

2. Man is always "we can do this because we are men..you cant do that because you're a woman"...
-i got it almost all the time...it's getting boring...by the 2nd relationship, i'm already yawning at "because we are...."...zzZZZZzzzzZZZ...they never finish the sentence...(that pretty much explained - 5relationships)...i just think that there's room for equality..

3. Man got bigger excess baggage then woman..
-dont trust me?...u better do...this kind of men do exist for real and suprisingly, the number's increasing quite rapidly...to make the matter worse, sometimes we (women, the so-called got tones of emotional baggage) couldn't even understand where did all those come from...but there are still more guys that are manly out there, don' worry...i'm just saying we should be concern on this matter as the numbers are growing..we don't want to end up with a psycho husband, don't we?

4. A Man is better at gossipping than 10women combined..
-ok..i admit i love ugly stories..who doesnt?..**rephrase**who does like ugly stories better then men?..answer:none..yeah, that's true as cool/chill/whuteves they might seem, nobody loves gossipping better then men...mulut longkang, mulut puaka, mulut apa lagi?..you name it, they've got it...the best part is, they always know how to make the stories uglier n still believable...( i do think spreading ugly stories helps them sleep at night or makeup for all the loss of good sex)..HOWEVER, some guys just enjoy hearing gossip and not spreading it..it's good to know there's still hope..

5. Men will put on the "oo..ok je" look when they are trying to please you although they don't really like the idea or they don't think like you do...
-example, i put on a weird**correction** bizarre outfit(which i know is bizarre-not in a good way, just to check his reaction)..so i ask him "sayang, is this nice?"..n he goes like"oo..ok je"..n he has that face on him...i knew it"sayang, i tau outfit ni pelik..you xyah nak tipu i, cakap ok..."..he looked so relief and said "yes sayang, baju tu cam pelik je..tp klo u ske, i xnak la kecikkn hati u"...they are afraid the truth might hurt you that they settle on
a.going out with a weirdo
b. let you humiliate yourself in public
rather than tell you the truth...sometimes it's just so cute..but i still prefer the truth..

6. Men is a lot more indecisive than women..
-gf: syg, nk g mkn mn hrni?
bf: ikut u la..
**********seketika kemudian********
gf: syg, nk g mana hrni?
bf: ikut u la..
gf:kite g tgk muvi la...
bf: ok..
gf: nk tgk cite ap?
bf: ikut u la
*********seketika kemudian*********
gf:syg, baju ni ngn yang ni...which 1 better
bf: u ske yg mn lg?...
(if i continue, it'll never ends)
they doesn't even know what they want...how can they tell what we want..
which brings me to item. no.7

7. You have to spell everything out for men..
-while watching twilight..
scene>>>>>>the part when edward says bella is his own brand of heroin..lalalala
gf: ****sigh****
bf: what's wrong with you?
gf: *****potong*****
- while walking along the street @ the curve
scene>>>>>mariachis playing romantic song
gf:***streched out her hands to bf****
bf: nak apa?
gf: ******potong*****nak pgg tangan la..lagu romantik..
bf: ooo....cakap la....
hilang la romantiknye bl kn cakap!!!!!!

8. When a man loves a woman, he loves her unconditionally..
-yes he does n he'll never let you go without a fight...not physically la..which also brings me to point number 9

9. Men are as stubborn as a mule...
-he is always right even when he's not...and item no.10

10. Men will never ever accept women's ideas n opinions
-actually i like this 1..because i'll always have the chance to say "i told you so"

Men are just as confusing as they claimed women are

*This facts do not apply to all men..but majority i would say
**I tried my best to not be judgmental here..originally i am not!! but some issues really shake me..hihi


  1. i totally agree with u..haha..

  2. yup yup...
    men,from a woman point of view...
    (i wonder how's "women,from a man point of view" would be)

  3. bgs la..keep that thought..
    xde la hg masalah berak g pasni

  4. haha...nasib baik i perempuan..ceh gurau..

  5. la..tukar jantina da ke?..jengjengjeng