Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend yg hectic..PART 2


So i went swimming with wani...And no shep, there are no pool pictures...I'm focusing on my swimming...You are not there to be our photographer..Sadly..
After that I went for lunch with my sayang..Then i go back home..GOLEK2..Wani layan KAMI The Movie untuk yg keberapa-kalinya..Im not sure...She keeps chanting the script...The clock strike 5, we (me, wani n my sayang) went to Shah Alam..to buka pintu rumah for fogging...While the fogging personnel do what they need to do upstairs, me,wani,shep n my sayang are playing with my hamsters downstairs...6.00pm..shep have to go and pick up her mama at bus station...(btw: happy birthday to mama shep..)

The fogging's done.. I locked my house and head to Taman Metropolitan Kepong, where we are supposed to play kites..(Time: 6.30pm) It might seems late, but we decided to just give it a try..Who knows we might make it in time.. but then, it is KEPONG!!Which ever road we use, traffic will be bad.. We arrived at the aforementioned place at 8.00pm. It's a waste we've travel all the way to Kepong n do nothing right? That's when we decided to have some of the FAMOSA Haji Samuri Satay at Taman Melati...

Otw back, wani told us they (she n M) will be going out that night...I have to think of something..FAST!!..I dont want to be left alone at home..IT'S WEEKEND!!..Luckily for me, my sayang planned everything ahead..We are going to lepak with some friends at Laundry..Nice..I went home, change my comot attire..And off we go..

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