Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend yg hectic..PART 1

It has been a very long and hectic weekend..
But i must say, i enjoyed every bit of it..
It has been so long that i spend my weekend productively. (so long till i can't remember how long)..
It feels so good to be able to fill in my weekend with many stuffs.
Especially with people who hold a special place in your heart..

So, my amazing weekend start on Friday night (its Valentine's Eve)..
I followed my sayang to his weekly futsal game..Yes, I know, it's Valentines Eve and I'm watching futsal (romantic is subjective)..Hey, it's a lot better than staying at home and drooling on your pillow ok...Atleast, i can see hot sweaty guys at futsal..haha..So we arrived at the promised venue at the promised time..10.30pm ok?..A and a few other guys were already there..Then, i check my watch again, it's already 11.00pm..Where the hell are everybody else??
So, in frustration, D(which is A's bf) go and checked at the counter..What time did we ACTUALLY booked? 11.15pm..haha..The OTHER guys had us fooled..They don't want us to be late..So, ok..all forgiven..They start playing, while we (me and A) start talking..
We talked about many things..Big things and small things..Our love stories..The happy times and sad times...Well, you know, girls talk..Then suddenly, A said, "Hey, apex injured!!!"
I didn't notice that as my back was facing him..The moment I turned, I saw my sayang already "terhencut-hencut"..But still wanted to be in the court..Haiya!!Then after a few minutes, I think he can't bear the pain anymore, he went out.. Sits next to A..It seems that he had sprained his ankle..No more footie for him that, he stays outside..Me and A continue our little discussion from earlier..You won't believe how "maini" my sayang can be...Haiya!!..And so, the little game of futsal ends...we went to lepak sat then back to wani's house..
I'm very tired that night that even the morning train's noise didn't do me any damage..Yeah, until wani slammed on the door.."TIM, JOM SWIM!!!!!"


  1. ajak swimming pon salah..haha..

  2. ololo...
    kecik hati plak..
    xde org ckp salah..

  3. mana gambar tepi-pool-ala-ala-rumah-yusuf-haslam wei

  4. org p pool nk swimming...
    bkn wat poster mangga..
    kepada org2 yg xtau swimming cm hg..boleh la wat poster mangga..

  5. spoken by a camwhore.hahahaha