Thursday, February 19, 2009

1more check on my to do list..

1. Get married (or at least get engaged)
2. Travel Europe
3. Get a proper house
4. Get a laptop
5. Dumped somebody (check)
6. Got dumped by somebody (check)
7. Tried cocktails (check)
8.Tried red wine (check)
9. Go dancing (check)
10. Try parachuting
11. Go hiking (check)
12. Bungee Jump
13. Get invited on a very romantic dinner (for 2 only) by a very special person
14. Go skinny dipping (on 2nd thought, maybe with bikini on)
15. Sun bathing at Maldives with my girlfriend/s
16. Done manicure&pedicure..
17. Cheated on somebody (check)
18. Got cheated by somebody (check)
19. Got the chance to say "i told you so" and be able to do it (check)
20. Host a proper party
21. Achieve body weight: 42kg
22. Own a corset
23. Got savings for future children
24. Master the skills to read other people
25. Have a girls night out and wake up the next day at 4.00pm (check)
26. Own a diamond ring
27. Own one of those insanely expensive perfumes.
29. Adopt a cat or 2
30. Be able to sit back & smile while reminiscing the first 30 years of my life

1. Refer no. 27. By "insanely-expensive-perfumes", i don't mean Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian..because that will be out-of-this-world-that-i-can-never-afford-even-if-i-sell-my-soul-expensive!!!!!!!!!!!

Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian

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