Wednesday, February 11, 2009

At last..

At last I've come back to blog..
I've been occupied by many things recently thus unable to blog..
What are the things?..haha...will reveal in a short while..
I am happy now, and i wish it last long..humph...I'm cherishing every moment of it...i think..

Well then..

First off, i got out of the mess I've been in for quite sometime..
(Yes..At last..)
It sure is a heart breaking moment..but I'm glad it is over..finally someone is ready to make the decision..Although I assure you, it's not what I've been waiting for but it did made me move on to a new phase of my life. And nothing feels better then getting rid of the problem that has been bugging you for quite sometime..My mind's at ease now. Would I say I wasted more than a year of my lifetime? fact I'm contented that I've tried my best..Its fight or flight baby...I've fought the battle and i lost..but I'm proud I'm brave enough...If he doesn't want me..It's his lost(high 5 shep!!)..

Helped Wani moved out
(refer to Shep's for details of the new house)
The best thing about wani's new house (apart from WANI) is the pool..I juz love floating around doing nothing..Like the world stops!!..haihh...tranquility..
p/s: My hair is a total lost now thanx to the swimmimg pool..huhuu

Got into a relationship
(Yes..i did)
At first, I wasn't so sure myself..But I have to stop being the only one hurt and disappointed..So i say to myself "Tim, give yourself a chance..Don't be too hard on yourself..Here's a chance..GRAB IT!!"..Yes indeed..i did..He's been good till now..Hopefully this time it can be real..I'm juz too tired running all this time that I've made up my mind to juz relax...Enjoy it while it last babe..If it last long, then I'm blessed..If it doesn't, then move on..I'm not going to pin up hope too high...REALISTIC is the keyword..
p/s:Thanx sayang for being there for me..x0x0..

Special thanx to:
My crazy bitches who have been through good and bad times with me..And supporting me all the way..
My sayang, for always be there when i need him to..And make me believe that there's still someone out there loves me much
Zahir Ariff

Love you guys mucho....


  1. **terharu**
    tp aku nk jd ur syg gak..

  2. hg mmg syg aku pon...hangpa dlu br zahir..hihi

  3. haha..zahir kalah gak..
    penat aku berebut ko dr zahir..

  4. ade ke adegan berebut..
    xpasan pon..hahahah

  5. wanek nak satu bahagian silap.dua bahagian.hahaha

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaa.............