Thursday, April 23, 2009

Natural Soft brown n Cream

We start with a naked face. Well, i think by now you know my model's naked face right. So i skip that part.

Starts with applying a foundation base/primer to the face. I'm using maybelline Whitestay UV base. It's not the best but it'll do the trick. this is especially good if you're gonna be out under the sun. If i'm not mistaken it has SPF30.

This is my Revlon Mineral foundation. The main reason i used foundation base today is that my mineral foundation will stick better on the skin and stay longer. If that make sense. It is very easy to apply this foundation. Use your kabuki brush or a very fluffy face brush. Dab it on the foundation and start swirling it on your face. Give it a good swirl so it'll give a better coverage.

This is how it looks after applying foundation.

You often heard me talking bout applying eye primer right? But i never showed you what it looks like. I'm using Elianto eye primer in 02 shade. If you don't have eye primer, don't fret..You can always use a lil bit of your concealer or foundation. the purpose of applying base before you apply any eyeshadows is to prevent creasing.

Take that cream colour and apply it all over your eyelid.

This picture is supposed to show the cream color applied on the lid but the camera doesn't pickup cream very well.

Then take that soft brown color.

Apply that color to the outer V..and blend it until the color soften.

Take some of this copper brown using a small angle blush brush.

And contour you face. Make a slanted line from your ears about 45' like in the picture.

As we keep the eyes very natural, i would like to bring in more colors to the cheek. So i used a very pink blusher. (i don't remember the name).

Line the upper and lower lashlines with an eyeliner pencil. This 1 also by Elianto.

I coated the lashes with Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara.

On the lips, i applied Revlon PlumSexxxy Lipcolor in 04 Gorgeous and a lil bit Revlon GlossyLicious lipgloss in Guava Glimmer.

So here's the finish look:


  1. ni bukan saye...
    ni model saye..hahah

  2. u memang betul mengajar cara mekap yg betul.
    thanks ok.

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