Thursday, December 11, 2008


in my little world (in my head), Englishmen ARE not hot. been like that since forever...
Englishmen=Mr. Bean or Simon Pegg
i prefer Italians..n a bit of Latins (most of them look like gay though)...

Hugh Grant
but since Hugh Grant (he's not that short),i definitely wanted to revise my statement.

Hugh Jackman
and then Hugh Jackman came along. He's english alright (only born n grew up in Aussie)

Rob Pattinson
And then there's Robert Pattinson..Can it gets any better..huuuuuuuuu(menangis dlm hati)

Hence, i take back my statement that Englishmen Are not hot.


  1. i beg to differ. simon pegg hot ok. funny is hot.

  2. camna born and grew up in Aussie tp dia english. xpaham