Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Anti pathetic & Sympathetic

i read a book..so it says, we should stop be anti pathetic & be sympathetic...lets say i was the subject, i'd rather be pathetic. which is very clear why.

1. I dont want people to have sympathy for me coz its worse than dying. It means you are unable to fend for yourself or do anything for yourself which also means u r better of dead.

2. Lets say i am pathetic n u are the anti pathetic. What u always do is slapping me back to reality. Isn't it better? I should be thankful to you and stop this patheticity. Stand on my feet n move forward.

So, what would u rather be?


  1. wowowowowowo
    aku la tukang slap u back to reality
    you can count on me, bfku

  2. hehehehe..tepat skali...thats alot better dr hg simpati kt aku