Sunday, June 14, 2009

Make Over Myself part 1

Last night i felt bored, so i took out my makeup box n started playing with my face...with no initial idea, i just do what my heart desire(at that moment) to my face..basically this is just a simple Grey smokey eyes..

drum rollsss....for the 1st time ever..presenting, the ugly ME!!!!tadaaa!!!!

So that's how i look without makeup..My biggest concern are my eyes..And my face is tres big..Had to do something to "beautify" those features...uhuhuhuhu...
some contouring and smokey eyes shall do the trick...No nose shading tho..i just don't feel like it...


  1. ko ni mmg pndai make up ar...cntik

  2. thanx alot...really aprreciate it...
    msti ko terkejut tgk muka aku without makeup kn?