Thursday, June 25, 2009

jasmin, iaku tag hg sbbnk ckpkan korum

rules & regulations:
:: DO NOT copy answers
:: tagged questions must be 100% same
:: tag people before doing the tag

people i tag:
1. shep
2. wanek
3. mais
4. huda
5. intan
6. caa
7. iman
8. zahir
9. jasmin do you know 1?
* coursemate

..what would you do if you never meet 2?
* my life would sucks..n boring n meaningless many things

..what would you do if 3 & 4 dated?
* they are..only in SECRET..n i didn't do anything

..would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
* maybe..both are quite committed you think 7 is attractive?
* ah~ha...

..tell me something about 9
* she's one of a kind..i don't think i'll find some else like her

..what's 1's favourite past time?
* ni soklan paling senang dalam hdp..tdo

..what language does 2 speaks?
* the biatches official language

..who is 3 going out with?
* sopey..he's 1 hell of a lucky guy old is 4?
* she'll be 24 this 26th of dec

..when was the last time you talked to 5?
* smlm..on the phone

..who is 6's favorite singer?
* HERSELF!!hahahaha..riri

would you date 7?
* if i am lesbo or guy..i definitely will..not sure she'll date me tho 8 single?
* NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he's mine period

..what's 9's last name?
* bakhtir..(adakah eja mcm tu???)


  1. apa cerita semua org cakap hobi aku tido ni woi. fitnah

  2. hg ade hobi lain yg aku xtau ka?