Sunday, May 24, 2009


HE makes me happy
HE sometimes make me real mad
HE makes me really kecik hati
HE couldn't stay mad at me for long
HE knows i can't stay mad at him for too long too
HE makes me clean my room..huuhuhuhuhu
HE does my laundry..siap lipat skali..yeah!!
HE makes me maggi asam laksa yg paling sedap di dunia..
HE "un-numb" me
HE drives me crazy with his "dalam hati ada taman"
HE makes me look barbaric with his manners
HE ask me to do his facial
HE is my own image consultant
HE doesn't eat "AYAM MASAK MERAH"
HE doesn't know how to peel crab
HE looks thick but actually thin
HE looks shallow but he's deep
HE doesn't know much but willing to learn
HE loves Kisah-Kisah Nabi as his Bedtime stories
HE is a neat freak and I'm the opposite..wonder how we get along all this while
HE wants 1. Scramler or 2. Vespa or 3. Gilera
HE said, "cars are big boy's toys"..
HE amuses me with his jokes
HE drinks a lot of water..i meant A LOT!!!!!!!!!!
HE drinks A LOT coz he eats more than A LOT!!!!!!!!
HE let me win coz i won't shut up unless i won
HE..HE...too many things to say...klo sambung, sampi tahun depan x abis lagi..
He's not the best human being but he's good enough for me
And HE is my boyfriend

Resolusi Pertama towards the better me:
Stop the "Aku ja yang betul" attitude and start listening...
(yesterday was a success)


  1. "aku ja yg betul" isn't an attitude. It is a fact.hahahahaha

  2. hahahaha.....
    aku xsentiasa betul la

  3. "aku ja yg betul" prinsip aku mase zaman skolah dulu..

  4. yala wanek..hg ja yg betul