Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Golden Arabic Eyes

Hi everybody!!..Sorry didn't update any makeup tutorial yesterday..I was busy grabbing cheap online makeups..Haha..I'll post the products and reviews once i received and tested them OK?..

To make up for yesterday, I've made a very special and detail looks for you guys today. First let me warn you, this one, you have to be really precise OK?...

So the colors you need are:
1. Gold
2. Black
3. Golden Yellow (or any lighter shade of gold)
4. Cream (highlighter)
Other stuff you need:
1. 2 streaks Adhesive tape (about 4-5cm long)

Prepare your face with foundation and powder. Apply eyeshadow primer/base. Put the adhesive tape on the back of your hand and take it off. Do this 2-3 times until it becomes less tacky. Then put that tape on your cheek bone. Put it from the end of your eyes and slanting to your brow. Do both sides.

Then take black eyeshadow with eyeshadow brush, starts filling in your eyelid from the outer corner until 2/3 in. Using what's left on your brush line along the adhesive tape, creating like a triangle pointed shape. You can take it as high as you want as long as it does not past the brows.

Clean up the eyeshadow brush and take gold. Filled in the rest of your lid. Basically covering all the empty spaces on your eyelid and the triangle shape we made earlier. Just makes sure the gold doesn't overshadow the black. Does that make sense?..Just leave me a comment if it doesn't. I'll explain further.

Then go in with a softer brush. I'll use a blending brush for this. Take the Golden yellow and just swiftly go over the top of Gold. Just to get rid of the harsh lines. But makes sure you leave some space for highlighter. Put on the highlighter and take off the adhesive tape.

For the details, use a wet eyeliner in black to make a winged lash line or other people call it the cat eye effect. Whatever. Just do that on your upper lash line. Take an eyeliner pencil in black and line your lower water line and lash line. Make a thick line. Then go in with a pencil brush and smudge the lines we made. Take black eyeshadow and smudge it on our lower lash line. Apply mascara. And I would suggest applying falsies because it'll make this look really dramatic.

On the check, go with something peachy or any other colors that match gold. Pink would clash with gold, so not a good idea.

For the lips, nude are best as the eyes are already dramatic. Currently I'm out of nude lipstick, so i just apply nude lip gloss. But if you have nude lipstick, it'll be perfect. Apply that, and put on lip gloss if you like the shine.

That's all for today..Dadaa

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