Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Disco Divas

Today I'll be showing how to make the disco diva's look. I used lots and lots of pigments and glitters.

First Look - "(Not so innocent)Little Red Riding Hood"

In the inner half of the eyelid, I applied MAC Royal Flush pigment. The outer half, I applied Bordeaux Glitter from Sweet Scents.

Then apply some highlight. Makes sure it's not too shimmery because the eyelid already looking like a disco ball.

Apply eyeliner and falsies. Don't forget to fill in your brows and apply mascara.
For the lip, I applied nude lipstick.

Contour and blush and we are ready to go.

Second look - G 'n' G (grass and gold)

I applied Spiritualized(i think) pigment from MAC all over the eyelid. Then pick up some Gold Stroke pigment (also from MAC) and applied that on the middle of the eyelid. Keep patting to makes sure the colors are even.

Then I applied a little bit of that Spiritualized to the lower lash line. Line the upper lash line and apply falsies and mascara.

Applied nude lipstick, contour and blush!!


  1. model mata ijau tu susah nak book tu. mesti hg rasa privileged kan.

  2. baaarrrrrrpppppp.........
    bdn aku rase berangin lak tb2....
    prrrroooooottttt tttooottttt ttttooootttt...

  3. bole x make up sy plak?hehe

  4. wani: tu la...aku xtau knp..dlm pic ni sme bibir collagen...

    mumu: no problm...just call ok..

    alang: thanx..