Thursday, December 25, 2008

Last birthday of the year

Last night we* all went to plaza damas for Cik Nurul Huda Supaat's birthday celebration**.
What a way to kick off the last birthday party of this year. I'm officially putting my hands down..
I must say IT IS how she imagines it to be...and all she wants it to be..and it ROCKS!!...Congrats to you darl..sweet 23...And as usual, these camwhores couldn't stop themselves from camwhoring..
Sorry to disappoint..I forgot to download the pics to my pendrive..No worries..I'll get it uploaded here asap..

Back to the celebration. There are several things that all men should take note in preparing his girlfriend birthday bash..

1. Venue selection is very please choose a place that suits your partner..(klo salah, amat'll be humiliation instead of celebration)
2. Makes sure all her friends are invited..(you'll be so dead if you missed even 1)
3. If you are to invite YOUR FRIEND/S..makes sure she go well with them..
4. Leave a little surprise...surely make her happy..(i'm talking special present/s...not eggs or frogs)

Actually all that matters is making her happy. Not all that lavishness or whutever..I donno all girls but i can say for me and my friends, its the thought that counts..the fact that you (men) are trying to do something special is good enough..

* We= Me, mai, shep, wani & Pasangan, caa, lis
** I called it celebration instead of party coz its a lot bigger and more people than we usually
*** From all the birthday partys i've been through this year..i'm boyfriend is not there to celebrate with me, no present for me, and just a late wish... :( (and they think their boyfrens are the "batu"..atleast they got presents..huhu..) but...what to be sad about?..its my brithday and i've got friends who love me... ;P


  1. 1-bf aku juga xdak ketika bday aku.dan xda later celebration pun.

    2-bf? hehehehehehe

  2. bf-ssh nk explain...hahah
    ya...dah la xdak ms celebration..pastu xbg present..wish pon lambat...aku da dapat sekantung wish dr org lain br de wish...

    nasib kurang baik pula...dikelilingi jasmin& fariz, wani & megu, huda&D...lg la terasa....huuuuuuuuuu

  3. xpa timoh.kita couple paling hebat.kalah lain2 kapel. i love you